Goodies & ressources

Studio lighting kit (3dsMax-VRay3)

Studio lighting kit for VRay3 and 3dsMax 2014. These lights are customizable with helpers. Red helpers to control position of lights, green helpers to control sizes and yellow helpers to control orientation. I used wiring to control lights and i locked some function to avoid improper handling.

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EV100 dataSheets

Very useful EV100 table values get by the formula below :

LOG(100/100;2) + LOG(fNum^2/(1*SS);2)

fNum : focal number

SS : shutter speed

Exposure values (EV100) & Lux for various lighting conditions

EV100 / Luminance / Illuminance

Photography studio pack (3dsMax-VRay3)

Set of photography studio for 3dsMax 2014 and VRay3. The file contain several studio (from very small lightbox studio to extra-large studio). Beware some walls are hidden from viewport but not from rendering. I also wired object parameters (like seamLess) and freezed some other object like walls for better control and also to avoid improper handling.

The pack contain 5 studio:

1. Small studio with lightBox for small object or macro shooting like jewelry.

2. Medium studio with seamless paper for small object shooting.

3. Large studio for medium object like furniture and/or people shooting.

4. Extra-large studio for team of people and/or vehicle with 4 kind of seamLess shape (U, L, T, ...).

5. HDRI spherical studio NOT YET AVAILABLE (with infinite floor).

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Basic Body Proportions

Ingeborg Bernard’s method to draw quickly and easily the proportions of a face.